James & Luther Inc.


Road Map to Safety

Constant evaluation of this safety road map is how we believe we can stay focused on the end goal: returning our team members and everyone else on a job site safely back to the most important place of all—their home & family.

Our projects begin with safety...

Our safety department provides our employees with  a safety “road map” to help define our priorities. This master safety plan starts at the top with safety-focused management and is carried through the organization by means of written standards, excellent planning, thorough training, and clear communication.

Our Employee training is fundamental to our safety focus. We ensure that each employee has the necessary skills and experience to meet the requirements of the task at hand. In addition, we strive for continuous improvement in our procedures and practices and for the continued education of all employees through ongoing training efforts.

Before our team members set foot on a jobsite, our personnel have evaluated the daily tasks with safety in mind, so that every step of each individual task is performed with caution and diligence.

James & Luther has a great safety record because we take our work and safety program seriously, and we make every effort to ensure the safety of our employees and those around us.