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Industries Served

Since 1980, James & Luther has remained at the forefront of construction services, providing our customers unique solutions to complex challenges. As a full-service company, we combine the right tools with the right talent to offer a range of services, from overall construction management, all craft disciplines, to turnkey solutions. Privately owned since our inception, James & Luther continues to put a premium on personal service and—above all—safety. We have come a long way since 1980, but the way we see it, we are just getting started.


Crude & Project Terminals
Gas Processing Facilities
Gas Compression Facilities

Petroleum Refining

Capital Projects

Heavy Industry

Mining & Processing

Areas of Practice

construction management

Our management services keep your project on schedule and on budget. We apply real time control and measurement to all project facets and participants. As program manager, we exercise direct control over the costs by either direct hiring all disciplines or, in the appropriate situation, the subcontractors.



James & Luther as a general contractor, performs diversified mechanical installations for clients. Be it vessels, towers, drums, pumps, HVAC equipment, piping, or support accessories, our company has millwrights, riggers, welders, and fitters for any mechanical application. Support equipment such as cranes, forklifts, scaffolding, etc. are certified and inspected/maintained as required.


We participate in all levels of design reviews. We pride ourselves on being able to provide value to our customers and have been successful in saving the customer money, avoiding high-risk construction techniques, and providing a synergistic ability to purchase and expedite materials in accordance with construction schedule to avoid costly delays.

Instrument & Electrical

James & Luther provides experienced supervision and qualified electricians, journeyman electricians, and instrument techs for all our major capital projects.  For projects outside of Texas we will normally sub-contract a qualified instrument and electrical contractor.  James & Luther has our own LOTO (Lock-Out/Tag-Out) programs, as well as client or project specific HSE plans.

Pipe Fabrication Facility

James & Luther has a five-acre pipe fabrication and paint shop facility located in El Paso, Texas. We use our pipe fabrication facility to spool pipe on our capital projects. In May of 2019, James & Luther opened a pipe fabrication and machine shop in Port Arthur, Texas. Both our pipe fabrication shops spool pipe for third parties. 

Earthwork / Civil / structural

James & Luther can provide supervision, labor, tools, and maintained/operated equipment for site preparation, excavation, and backfill. Our civil / structural forces consist of experienced supervision, skilled carpenters, rodbusters, ironworkers, and semi-skilled labor to perform all our civil / structural installations.  Our quality control and testing standards exceed most industry specifications.

Scaffolding, Insulation, & Fireproofing

James & Luther provides qualified personnel to perform
scaffolding, insulation, and fireproofing for all our
major capital projects.